Life, Moving Beyond Thought, & Accepting What Is


Dr. Zimnik has published the definitive textbook for anyone wishing to learn about AutoPsychology for themselves. This is the textbook used for all of our courses and conferences. Learn more about it here.


These days people have grown too dependent on the act of thinking, which causes a lot of needless emotional pain. Strange as it may sound, you don't have to be a slave to your mind. You can free yourself and be happier.


What is your consciousness? What is your mind? No one fully knows, but we do understand now that your brain is much more complicated than we ever assumed. What role does it and does it NOT play in who you are?


Do you have a soul, something that exists after you die or is it just a figment of your mind? Where is it right now? Does it have a structure of some kind? These are essential questions to ask for your emotional health.


For most of us, the emotional suffering that we reveal to the world pales in comparison to what we never talk about. We don't delve into the details of your issues, but offer techniques to address all of them, public and private, that you can use your whole life.


No one knows how our brain works. Our best guess, based on our own experience and millions of others in history, is that we have both physical and non-physical structures that contribute to our mind and consciousness. Based on our theories, you can better control your negative emotions and behavior.


Our techniques create a perspective that allows anyone deal with the negative aspects of their life. We can help with emotional issues like depression, anxiety, and anger and with the elderly, addicts and their families, those with disabilities like being paralyzed, deaf, or blind.


We're part of the non-profit Patient Medical Association and we focus all of our programs on empowerment. Dealing with emotional issues has always depended on seeking outside help. We offer ways to deal with problems on your own by learning more about how you are built and why you feel the way you do.